Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Here’s a beautiful bright blue-bottle of Greek mineral water.  The blue-bottle matches the magnificent color of the sea and the sky in Greece.  That might sound cliché but it’s the truth.  Water tastes good too!  It was foreign to me in the beginning and then I started to order it everywhere we went.  Don’t ask me to pronounce it.  It’s foreign and my Greek stinks! (Za go ri?)

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.

                                                                                          ——-Blaise PASCAL

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


The first picture was taken in the French Quarter in New Orleans and the second I’m sure you all recognize is Times Square in New York.  New Orleans is my hometown and I consider myself a city girl.  So which urban lifestyle do you prefer?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

What better friendship than the one between two sisters close in age!  What one has the other doesn’t have and vice versa.  In adversity, they will take care of and support each other.  This was a lovely picture taken at my niece’s wedding in Montelimar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Here are the beautiful blues that warmed my family’s hearts a year ago in St. Malo, France, where the sky and the sea met on a lovely spring day.  It was a magnificently clear day and eyes could see every color blue imaginable for quite some distance. Absolutely breathtaking!