Russian Literature 2014

As I’ve tried to read more diversely and of course make up for the disaster of not reading very many classics last year, I’ve jus decided to take part in the The Russian Literature Challenge.  I’ve been dying to read Russian novels, however the closest I’ve gotten to that is Lolita, and technically that doesn’t count since Nabokov wrote it in English. So here I am signing on the dotted line to complete level 1 of the challenge which is to read 1-3 Russian novels.  Here are the other levels for those who might be interested in joining the challenge:

  • Level one: 1 – 3 books
  • Level two: 4 – 6 books
  • Level three: 7 – 12 books
  • Level four: 12 + books

Now as far as Russian novels go, I’d love to commit to War and Peace but let’s be serious.  That might be just a bit more than I can chew for a first Russian read. Although, it’s been on my TBR since I was in college (a long time ago!).  One day….  After giving it a thought, I’ve decided to read something or all of the following if possible:

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If any of you have read these let me know where I should go after Crime & Punishment.  Let me know what you thought of any of these and what I should look out for.  I know Russian Literature is challenging but I’m up for it! Classics are cool right?!  If you’d like to join in this challenge head over to  Behold the Stars book blog for more details.  You don’t have to be a blogger to join in.  There will be other interesting book bloggers participating and posting after each completed novel.  This should keep me on the straight and narrow, hopefully.  So what Russian novels have you read and loved?  What Russian novel would you love to pick up this year?