Christmas Blog Hop

What a better way to alert all those desperately combing the shops and online stores looking for gifts for their bibliophile friends.  Turns out you’ve happened upon the right post.  No one could possibly be more bibliophile than I and maybe about a hundred other people I know.  Christmas will be here in exactly thirteen days.  So don’t wait until the last possible moment to run out to get the perfect present.  Follow the steps below to choose a desired present for a bibliophile friend:

First identify the real bibliophile.  Does your friend have strange tics concerning keeping his/her books or just plain refuses to lend them out at all?  What are strange tics you ask? – Here are a few examples, likes smelling books when they have just been bought (new or old), never makes dog ears on pages, creeps out at the thought of cracked spines, only likes buying hardback books, doesn’t like morphed covers in a series, collects loads of bookmarks but never seems to use them or to be able to find them when needed, goes on regular book hauls when they already have loads of unread books already on the shelf, can’t pass a bookshop without going in and of course coming out with at least one book, enjoys pretty books ie. cloth covers, colored edged paper and deckled edges, etc. Ok, get it?  If your friend would answer yes to doing at least three of these things, we can just as well assume that she/he is a bibliophile and has a bit of the illness, like me.  I don’t smell my books but I know people who do, that’s a bit weird.

Tis the season to be jolly, below you’ll find examples of some really original gifts.  Many of them you can order simply online, so you’ll save some time.

Give box sets.  Box sets are wonderful gifts for those avid readers that seem to get hooked up in intricate long series or trilogies or just love a particular author and want to own everything he’s written.  They never get tired of even the longest series.  Just as quick as they’ve finished part three of one series, they will have already started part six of something else.  I would say these are the readers that love to read a lot of YA, fantasy, supernatural, and romance novels since they seem to be publishing many of them as a series.  Here are a few suggestions of box sets that your bibliophile friend would love.

Roald Dahl – John Green – Vampire DiariesA Game of ThronesPretty Little LiarsBeautiful CreaturesArtemis FowlFifty Shades of Grey(although I hate to say it) – The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

New Releases.  They are a sure bet for pleasing a bibliophile.  There’s always a new release that they haven’t read, but are dying too.  If in doubt of which one, get a gift card from a local bookstore or from an online site like Amazon.  The books below are a few of the popular releases of 2012.  Have you read any of them?  If so which is your favorite?

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Accessories.  You’re probably wondering what this entails.  Nothing more than cute little comfortable items that only book lovers would love and use, like bookmarks, cute mugs(gotta have a cuppa something while reading), e-book and tablet covers, bookends, bookshelves, tote bags, diaries, reading journals, book lights, thumb things, fabric book covers, book darts, etc.  Below you’ll find links to sites that sell some of the coolest of these items along with some pictures of them.  In my opinion, the most original one on this list is the bookthingy.  Watch the you tube video which show s you how it works.  I absolutely love it and have to have one!

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Since you’ve been so diligent browsing through the goodies I’ve posted and because it’s almost Christmas, I’m doing my first giveaway.  You can win a book from (equal to 15€ or less).  All you have to do is write below in the comments enter me with the title of the book you’d like to win and why you want to read it.  The drawing will be on the 14th and I’ll announce the winner on the 14th in the evening.  The winner will have to send me an email with his/her address of where to send the book.  If the winner doesn’t respond by the 16th I’ll be forced to choose another winner.  Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Pouring over my shelves and piles of books, I found this little tale hidden between two big monster size books I haven’t read yet.  Actually I had totally forgotten about it.  I bought it a while back at a book sale in Paris for 1€.  I love a good book deal.  I enjoyed reading F. Scott Fitzgerald in high school and at university.  It’s funny this book was never proposed on any of my reading lists at university.  As a matter of fact, The Great Gatsby found its way on my book club list last year.  Everyone questioned what was so special about Fitzgerald’s style of writing.  I love the way he puts words together,especially in The Great Gatsby.  I didn’t think I would enjoy reading it a third time but I did immensely.  He gives images and ideas in his own way, but a clear way.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is only 52 pages – a really quick read!  As I was reading I had the impression that this tiny book should have been much longer.  It seemed to be an idea he didn’t know how to develop because of its fantasy theme.  I thought the idea of a baby born old who progressively gets younger an interesting idea for a novel.  Unfortunately, I felt it was too short.  However, the basic plot is exclusively the story of Benjamin Button’s lifetime linked together with carefully chosen anecdotes.  This is not a typical plot line. So, don’t read it expecting something to happen or a climax.  Each anecdote deals with a specific idea about age and reflecting society’s current attitude toward age and aging.

Age is such an ongoing subject even today in the 21st century where we live to ripe old ages of 90 and above and where fifty and sixty somethings don’t necessarily look their ages. In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Fitzgerald builds a fantastical and dreamlike world through the style and tone of his writing.  Each section seems to begin as if it’s a new story but in fact marks Benjamin becoming younger, a new experience each time.  In essence Benjamin’s life is not any easier in reverse.  He has the same difficulties as when you age – when you’re older people think you’re wise, admire you, and are even repulsed by you and when you’re younger you’re not taken seriously enough and people are often jealous if you’re middle-aged and  look younger.  Not to mention, all the while he’s becoming younger than all of his family members as the story unfolds.

I’m not so sure about recommending this book because it left me with gaps – I wanted more but it was too short to deliver.  I’m not sure how they made a two-hour movie out of this tale without adding some things that weren’t actually in the book.  I’m assuming that because I didn’t see the movie.  I guess reading it won’t take up too much of your time so why not give it a go.  You might enjoy it more than me.