Kindred takes place in 1976 and in 1815.  Dana a young African-American woman periodically experiences dizziness and black outs which enable her to go back in time to 1815.  The experience of going back to the slave days is shocking and terrible for her in the beginning.  She is extremely distressed since she has no … Continue reading “Kindred”

#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 12 – Favorite Fantasy/Sci-fi

Day 12 – Favorite Fantasy/Sci-fi:  Well the only thing I’ve read that could fit this category is Kindred. However, technically I don’t feel it really fits, even though I enjoyed it. I don’t usually gravitate towards Fantasy/Sci-fi novels.  They just seem to be so complicated that I can’t get into them.  So, I’ve decided to … Continue reading “#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 12 – Favorite Fantasy/Sci-fi”

#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 6 Make it into a Movie!

Day 6 – Make it into a Movie! – I absolutely could not decide on one.  Impossible! There are so many good ones that could be turned into fantastic films.  So went with the following five:  The Supreme’s at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat – “Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat diner in Plainview, Indiana is home away from home for Odette, Clarice, … Continue reading “#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 6 Make it into a Movie!”

#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 – Strong female character:   I thought a lot of about this one.  It’s not easy to choose since there are so many good ones.  In the end, I decided on Dana from Kindred.  She really was strong and went through so much, mentally and physically.  I know if it were me, I wouldn’t … Continue reading “#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge – Day 1”

The Best Books of 2013

Well now that we’ve started 2014 and I’ve had the time to really reflect on my reading experience of 2013, I feel that it was pretty darn mediocre.  I’d hoped to read more books that would wow me but that wasn’t the case.  It was if I chose my books because they just fell in … Continue reading “The Best Books of 2013”

Summer Spirit

Summer Spirit Book Summary: Ryan Kinkaid, a successful gay Manhattan antique dealer has had it with life in New York City, especially his random love life. Ryan has what most New Yorkers want — his own successful business, and a mortgage-free brownstone on West 71st Street. However, at age forty-one he discovers he is lacking … Continue reading “Summer Spirit”

What you must read before you die?

I fell upon this list and decided to post it here so that I could be constantly reminded to read the right things every now and then.  This is the definitive list from The Guardian of the 1000 books you should read before you die.  This list has books written in English and in various … Continue reading “What you must read before you die?”

32. Bubbles Unbound

Being that I don’t often read detective novels, so it’s a wonder a picked this one up.  A friend suggested it since I was looking for a light read.  Boy was it light!  Actually  wasn’t sure what I was going to get, but it was ditzy blond hairdresser becomes part-time reporter. Bubbles Yablonsky’s “body resembles … Continue reading “32. Bubbles Unbound”