The Classics Club Spin #33

Classics Club Spin / Saturday, March 18th, 2023

I’m back y’all and I plan on staying. I’m going to be participating in the next Classics Club Spin #33. What is the spin you might be asking yourself?

  • write your blog post before Sunday, March 19, 2023, which is tomorrow
  • In the post create a list of 20 classics of your choice that you would like to read
    • You could use Classics Club books
    • You could also consider favorite authors, re-reads, books in translation, and even nonfiction

This reading challenge consists of you reading the book that corresponds to the random number chosen between 1 and 20, which will be announced on Sunday the 19th of March on the Classic s Club page. You will then read the book that matches the number on your spin list by Sunday, April 30, 2023.

I think this is going to be a great way for me to continue reading the classics that I haven’t gotten to yet, particularly the ones Iown.  I’ve been enjoying reading classics for the past 2 years and it has been a lot of fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading them.

My Book Spin List for the Classics Club:     

  1. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  2. The Portrait of a Lady
  3. The Monk
  4. Howard’s End
  5. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  6. Far From the Madding Crowd
  7. A Tale of Two Cities
  8. Mary Barton
  9. Sons and Lovers
  10. Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  11. Hard Times
  12. The Nose
  13. The House Behind the Cedars
  14. Crossing the Mangrove
  15. Miss Brill
  16. A Rage in Harlem
  17. Excellent Women
  18. Un Coeur Simple
  19. The Meek One
  20. Mrs. Rosie and the Priest

On Sunday March 19th, they will post a number from 1 through 20. The challenge is to read whatever book falls under the number on your Spin List by the 30th April, 2023.

The Classics Club will choose a number between 1 and 20. You will then read the title that is found under the number on your spin list. You are free to place the books on your spin list in the order you choose. In case you are still confused on how this works.

ex.  Imagine the number that is announced on Sunday is #15. That means I would have to read Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield.

I’m in! What about you? Don’t forget to link #ccspin

I’ll be back on Monday to let you know what I’ll be reading….



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