The Read Soul Lit Photo Challenge – Day 14: La Vie en Rose

ReadSoulLit / Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

Day 14: La Vie en Rose

Today’s books are in the vein of love and messy relationships. These two books are by another one of my favorite authors, Bernice L McFadden aka Geneva Holliday. I’m not really a romance/erotica reader but I’m willing to give Groove and Fever a try. I’m saving them for summer reads. I’m sure they will be perfect for those sunny days when I want something light and fun to read, with a cool drink on my terrace.

What’s Groove about?

Geneva Holliday’s juicy novel brings a lighter touch to African American erotica, setting the sexual escapades amid the real-life folly and drama of four very different friends during one incredibly hot summer in New York City. This funny, sexy book has something for everyone! (Goodreads)

What’s Fever about?

It’s almost summer in New York City, and the heat is breaking records on the street and between the sheets in Geneva Holliday’s beyond-sexy follow-up to Groove. When Geneva, Crystal, Chevy, and Noah get hot and bothered, they get way more than they ever bargained for…

Geneva is busy caring for her daughter—and robbing the cradle with her son’s business manager. Chevy is working for a diva who requires assistance that’s way too personal for Chevy’s liking. Crystal is in for the surprise of her life when her mom (!) conspires to get Crystal’s engine purring like a kitten again. And Noah hears everyone’s secrets, miles away in London, but with these friends, secrets don’t stay secret for long! After all, what are friends for?

So slip into something slinky and get ready to catch the Fever! (Goodreads)

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