The Read Soul Lit Photo Challenge – Day 10: True Life

ReadSoulLit / Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Day 10: True Life

I began reading The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison last year. It’s been an amazing endeavour reading and learning about him. I have a love of letters and reading epistolary formatted books. Epistolary novels aren’t as prevalent these days as they were in the past. This being said a girl can hope for some new ones to come out, henceforth me purchasing this chunky book. I was hoping to learn more about Ellison and his writing. I’ve learned so much thus far since I have about 550 pages left to read this year of 1,002. I’ve marvelled over the slight change in style of his letter writing that is starting to be similar to his writing in Invisible Man. Fascinating! I highly recommend it and I’m not finished yet. Would you be interested in reading this?

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