Read Soul Lit Photo Challenge Day 3: Home Sweet Home

ReadSoulLit / Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Day 3: Home Sweet Home

What is Home Sweet Home for an avid reader? Well I guess that could almost be anything. For me it’s lying on the sofa with a hot cup of tea or sitting at the kitchen table with a hot cup of tea. Actually anywhere I can pull out a book and read will do. I even enjoy reading in the car, the train, and the bus as long as the road isn’t too curvy. As a number 1 rule I never leave the house without a book in my purse. I think I can say I respect that about 95% of the time. And every time I forgot to put one in my bag I have always regretted it.

I also need a few other things when I’m reading. I need a hot cup of tea, my A5 Clairefontaine notebooks to jot down notes, a pen, colored tabs (paper ones not the plastic ones. Hate them!), and of course a bookmark. If I have all of that then I’m set. When I leave the house I just make sure I have tabs and a bookmark because it isn’t practical to take the notebook or to write down notes. If there’s really something important I want to write down I have been known to type it in Notes on my smart phone. That may sound a little over the top but I track a lot of notes about my reading in journals. I’ll be doing future posts about my journaling so look out for that.

I’m looking forward to see what other readers decide to post for Home Sweet Home today. There are so many things you could post. It would just be simple enough to take a picture of one of the books you love to reread because it gives you the feeling of coming home. What would you take a picture of if you were doing the photo challenge today?

The book I’m reading in this picture is called Grant Park by Leonard Pitts, Jr. I discovered his great storytelling in 2020 with The Last Thing You Surrender which I highly recommend. Grant Park is February pick for The Read Soul Lit Book Club I run on patreon. I’m just at the beginning but this book is going to be great to discuss with the ladies. Written in 2015, it’s subject matter is sadly still relevant today.

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