Read Soul Lit Photo Challenge 2021 – Days 10 – 13

ReadSoulLit / Sunday, February 21st, 2021

Day 10: Book and Bookmark

Children of the Night The Best Short Stories By Black Writers 1967 to the Present is an edition I was lucky enough to purchase in a used book sale in Paris for a whopping 1€! The book sale was selling paperbacks for 0.50€ and hardcovers 1-2€. I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it. This edition was edited and commences with an introduction by the late great Gloria Naylor. Big thank you to @booksandrhymes 🤗for reminding me that I had this book on my shelf. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Clearly I have a lot of books. No worries because I’ll be trying to read this one at some point in the year over a month or two. It falls into that big book category 500+ pages. You know I’m reading one of those a month and I’m reading one short story collection a month too. So this kills 2 birds with one stone. I can’t just stop there. I have to talk about this watch bookmark called Clock Artmark from @bookartbookmarks which actually works. Love it!❤️ So if you’re interested in one you can go to their website to purchase it and so many beautiful other bookmarks.


Day 11: Four in a Row

I can’t wait to see what everyone posts today because you can post so many different ways on 4 in a row. I’ve decided to Spotlight one of my favorite series and that’s Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins series. These are the first 4 books of the series and I need to continue on by getting to book 5, A Little Yellow Dog. This series is so suspenseful and full of larger than life characters but most of all it features a protagonist black man who solves mysteries/crime beginning in the mid forties. The best thing is that time advances with each novel. This series currently contains 15 books. Book #15 is called Blood Grove and was released this month February 2, 2021.


Day 12: Kids Corner

Today is another moment to spotlight excellent black stories for our children. I’ve spoken about The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis before, but I couldn’t resist mentioning it again. It’s a wonderful novel crafted with a very touching and informative story of the difficulties of a black family to survive during the Depression. Full of emotional twists and turns, you won’t be able to forget The Mighty Miss Malone. And this cover is everything! I actually pull it out regularly just to admire it.😍


Day 13: Real Life Heroes

100 Amazing Facts About the Negro was first published in 1957 by Joel Augustus Rogers. It’s original title was “A Negro ‘Believe It or Not’”. Rogers was delivering pride and enlightenment with this book. « You could say Rogers was African-Americans’ first black history teacher. » The excitement and pride Black people must have felt reading the wonders of this book and during Jim Crow. It surely helped keep hope alive. Not to mention, Henry Louis Gates is definitely reminding Americans everyday how much Black History is American history.


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    1. Thanks so much Claire! I love reading and books. March things will slow down a bit. How is reading going for you? I see you enjoyed A More Perfect Union. Hope you will be there for discussion on the 27th of February at 9pm on my YouTube channel. Tammye Huff will be there the second hour.

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