24 Books to Christmas – Day 23

24 Books to Christmas / Monday, December 23rd, 2019

baublesIt’s day 23 and we’re almost at the end of my 24 days of recommendations before.  Today I’ve decided to talk about Guy Delisle’s graphic novel Jerusalem:  Chronicles from the Holy City.  Now this was the first graphic novel I read by Guy Delisle.  His wife works for Médecins Sans Frontière, so they were sent to live in Jerusalem.  There Delisle discovered the complexities and difficulties of trying to live and raise his children in Jerusalem.

The graphic novel is very easy to follow and to relate to. Delisle has a nice illustrative style and he has a knack for telling stories about living abroad.  This would be a great place to start with graphic novels if you’ve not tried any or you haven’t been able to find any you enjoy.  I recommend Jerusalem:  Chronicles from the Holy City for those who love reading graphic novels, travel/expat stories, and stories that take place in Israel.  I also recommend Delisle’s other graphic novels in case you’ve already read this one, for example Hostage which is poignant and Burma Chronicles.  Check out the video belowJerusalem where he talks a lot about his experiences in Israel.


“…In Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City, Delisle explores the complexities of a city that represents so much to so many. He eloquently examines the impact of the conflict on the lives of people on both sides of the wall while drolly recounting the quotidian: checkpoints, traffic jams, and holidays.

When observing the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim populations that call Jerusalem home, Delisle’s drawn line is both sensitive and fair, assuming nothing and drawing everything. Jerusalemshowcases once more Delisle’s mastery of the travelogue.” (Jerusalem:  Chronicles from the Holy City, back cover)



Jerusalem:  Chronicles from the Holy City – Guy Delisle

Publisher:  Drawn and Quarterly

Pages:  336

My rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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