#ReadSoulLit 2019 in Honor of Black History Month

ReadSoulLit / Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

February always gets me so excited about reading.  Black History Month always makes me want to delve deeper into the books written by black Americans and to learn more about my culture.  I feel that black literature, is getting more recognition these days although I still feel that more consideration is given to African Literature.  We have ways to go to get to the same level of recognition.

This is why I’m hoping that the photo challenge on Instagram and my videos this month on YouTube will give African-American authors the spotlight they so desperately need.  I’d love to be able to mention Bernice L. McFadden, Dolen Perkins-Vladez, Gayl Jones, and so many others and have everybody know who they are and what their writing is about.

As you can see in the picture above, this is just a fraction of one of my book shelves that contains quite a few books by African-American authors – 11 to be exact including the June Jordan novel that’s just at the edge of the picture on the right.  There are a few of these that I plan on reading this year that frankly I should have read many years before.  I’m looking forward to reading So Much Blue this month by Perceval Everett.  It will be my first attempt and I hope I’ll love it, having heard so many great things about this author and how he tells stories.  Another one on this shelf that is long overdue is Perfect Peace by Daniel Black.  So many people have recommended this one to me over the years and I’m not sure why I have continued to neglect picking it up.  Promise to myself and others that this one will get read this year.  Ann Petry’s The Street is another one that I’d like to finally read completely.  I had one failed attempt during a buddy read.  I didn’t finish because I didn’t like it. It was mostly because I was too busy to concentrate on it.  The classic The Wedding by Dorothy West has been on my list for ages and I finally picked up a copy 3 years ago but have been putting it off.  The Darkest Child I’ve been putting of because of its story.  I’ll definitely need a pallet cleanser after reading it. I’m sure it’s going to make me mad as hell.  So these are just a few books among many others that will continue my #readsoullit reading of African-American writers throughout the year.   I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing these as well as checking out a few new ones this year.  Happy Black History Month and reading!

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  1. Hello Didi,

    So many great books and authors you listed here. I really enjoy Perceval Everett’s writing style. Probably “Wounded” is my favorite, followed closely by “Erasure.” Haven’t read SO MUCH BLUE yet but I intend to. I love Dorothy West’s The Wedding, a classic, along with Ann Petry’s classic, The Street which I buddy read w/LFPC last month. I’m buddy reading her other book “The Narrows” next month with the Goodreads group…come and join us! Also, we’re discussing McFadden’s new book “Praise Song For the Butterlies” now with Bernice as our guest author answering members questions. She’s phenomenal!

    Happy Black History Month to you and happy reading!

    1. Yes Bernice is!!! I just read Praise Song for the Butterflies yesterday. I started reading yesterday afternoon and read all the way through to the evening. I couldn’t put hot down. It amazes me how she goes about telling a story. I will try and go catch the question and answers.

  2. I love theming my reads around the season and what’s going on/being celebrated in the world! Here in Australia, it’s Mardi Gras at the moment, so I’m leaning towards books by LGBTIQ+ authors. With the reminder of your post about Black History Month over in the U.S., I’m hoping to pick up a copy of An American Marriage – it’s been on my radar for a while, seems as good a time as any! Thank you!

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