My Reading in 2017…

Bookish Stuff / Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


I’m an affiliate for The Book Depository. It would be much appreciated to click the link below if you’re interested in picking up any of my recommendations. It will help fund my incessant book buying.

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    1. Happy New Year Leslie!!! Hope your year has started well and will develop into everything you desire. Thanks! Had to keep my challenges attainable but these have all really been nagging me. Not to mention it’s going to help center my reading a bit. I’m no expert but most of them appear to be chunkers. So yes it’s going to be a commitment my Dear. Still haven’t decided what I’m reading just yet….

  1. So now I have to check my book page totals for the last couple years! lol I can find that on Goodreads right? We actually read the same number of books last year, too funny.

    I recommend you read Anna Karenina, I loved that book, one of my favourites ever.

    I can hook you up with Caribbean titles, in fact I have one set in Grenada that I can pass along 🙂

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