10 Replies to “My Book Club Shortlist 2016-2017”

  1. Some encouragement for you: my mother has read almost all of Rutherford’s books because she likes them so much. I have read one of them (London – a long time ago), and besides the fact that it took a long time to read, I did like it. But we both like historical stuff.
    I hope you end up liking it better than you think! The rest of the books look like good picks!

    1. Well thanks for the encouragement Naomi. Normally I would be happy about historical fiction but he seems to be cramming a lot of history in 800+ pages. It’s almost like taking a 72-hour bus trip around Paris and then saying you saw everything. ? All in all the book came today and it’s a door stop but I’m going to make an effort.????

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