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Bookish Stuff, Booktube Videos / Saturday, March 19th, 2016

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  1. I relate to not having my personal library organized. It’s just too much work! I know where all my books are and they are at least organized by genre…So I guess that qualifies as organization. Speculative fiction is in one shelf, non fiction in another, classics in another, etc. They aren’t in alphabetical order, just randomly put together by genre.

    It’s a shame that you don’t enjoy fantasy tales as much as I do. I grew up with them and hope to enjoy them for a life time.

    1. I agree. LOADS of work! And I don’t have the time. Mine is loosely organized by country, and I mean very loosely. Will,probably organize by genre because that makes more sense. I hope to give some Sci-fi and fantasy a try this year. Then we’ll see. I think I’ll probably like the fantasy but not the Sci-fi. I only seem to enjoy Sci-fi at the movies.

  2. “Misery” by Steven King was a great read. Not scary! If you like books that keep you on the edge of your seat. My library is not organized either. I love your reviews!

    1. Hello Neecy thanks for suggesting Misery. I’ve seen a bit of the movie and boy was it intense. I might try that one after I try Under the dome. Here’s to poorly organized bookshelves. lol! The fun is in finding something. 😉 Thanks for watching, supporting, and enjoying my reviews!

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