#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 29 -A Few Favorite Books from Last Year

Bookish Stuff / Monday, February 29th, 2016

Day 29A Few Favorite Books from Last Year  Today’s the last day of Black History Month but certainly not the last day of #ReadSoulLit.  I encourage all of you to keep posting and talking about books by black authors, while using #ReadSoulLit! Thanks to you all for supporting and participating…


I’m an affiliate for The Book Depository. It would be much appreciated to click the link below if you’re interested in picking up any of my recommendations. It will help fund my incessant book buying.

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  1. Thank you for organizing and promoting #ReadSoulLit — I found great new authors, great new novels and non-fiction, and great new book tube channels to follow. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Laura for watching and supporting! They’ll definitely be another #ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge next year and some more good stuff. Remember #ReadSoulLit365 and enjoy your recommendations! If you recommend something by a black authors on Instagram or Twitter don’t forget to link #ReadSoulLit! 🙂

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