#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 25 – Most Read Author

Bookish Stuff / Thursday, February 25th, 2016

img_2550Day 25Most Read Author  Toni Morrison, the Queen, is my most read author.  I’ve read everything except Paradise, Love, and God Help the Child.  I’ll need to get on to reading these three really soon since I’v heard through the grapevine that she’s working on a new book titled Justice.  Sounds intriguing….



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    1. Well that’s interesting that you said you liked GHTC. I’ve heard quite a few mixed reviews – saying it’s not her best work.i hope to get to it next month or April. You definitely need to step it up and read TBE.

      1. I love knowing that I still have some of her best work to read! I have A Mercy on the shelf to read as well, but must get a copy of TBE or see if its in the library, unlike you I’m trying not to acquire too many more books, toppling under the weight of them, I just packed 7 boxes to give away at the local English book sale!

        1. Haven’t been buying any lately. Everything that has come in recently have been pre-orders from the end of last year. I Will probably be culling in April or May just to make sure there’s nothing useless hanging around on the shelves. Too bad we don’t live closer. I would have taken a few of them off your hands.?

          1. Yeh, I was thinking that, but the ones you’d really like are on my shelf, not parting with any of my African-Carribbean works even when they are often tatty old library copies. 🙂 But Bolano’s 900 pages of 2666 – gone! A lot of the old white guy classics – gone too!

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