#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge – Day 14 One True Pairing

Bookish Stuff / Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Day 14One True Pairing  Osceola and Lizzie from Some Sing, Some Cry were the cutest couple in this novel.  They were the two most well matched too.  Osceola was protective, shy, and intelligent.  Lizzie was extrovert, creative, and brash.  These two could only be complimentary to each other.

“Award-winning writer Ntozake Shange and real-life sister, award-winning playwright Ifa Bayeza achieve nothing less than a modern classic in this epic story of the Mayfield family.img_2498 Opening dramatically at Sweet Tamarind, a rice and cotton plantation on an island off South Carolina’s coast, we watch as recently emancipated Bette Mayfield says her goodbyes before fleeing for the mainland. With her granddaughter, Eudora, in tow, she heads to Charleston. There, they carve out lives for themselves as fortune-teller and seamstress. Dora will marry, the Mayfield line will grow, and we will follow them on an journey through the watershed events of America’s troubled, vibrant history—from Reconstruction to both World Wars, from the Harlem Renaissance to Vietnam and the modern day. Shange and Bayeza give us a monumental story of a family and of America, of songs and why we have to sing them, of home and of heartbreak, of the past and of the future, bright and blazing ahead.”

Some Sing, Some Cry was a joint effort novel written by two sisters, Ntosake Shange and Ifa Bayeza.  The thread of music runs through the novel and develops as the the story of this African-American family develops from Negro spirituals onward, setting the appropriate tone for the time period; while containing real people that define important periods of the entertainment world through the years.  It’s an epic story about a family of women and it will win your heart over.  You’ll care about each character of this family to a certain degree and you won’t want the story to end.  It’s a must read and you’ll definitely learn things!


My copy:  Some Sing, Some Cry hardcover, 560 pages

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  1. This one was harder than I thought. Perhaps we need more epic love stories or examples of good pairings. Of course Teacake and Janie, and Celie and Shug, but I’m also remembering the characters in the Pearl Cleage books. There are some wonderful pairing in Ms. Cleage’s fiction.

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