#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 12 – Favorite Fantasy/Sci-fi

Bookish Stuff / Friday, February 12th, 2016

Day 12Favorite Fantasy/Sci-fi:  Well the only thing I’ve read that could fit this category is Kindred. However, technically I don’t feel it really fits, even though I enjoyed it. I don’t usually gravitate towards Fantasy/Sci-fi novels.  They just seem to be so complicated that I can’t get into them.  So, I’ve decided to put up Lilith’s Brood (Xenogenesis #1-3)since a little birdie 😉 Danielle @onesmallpaw has been raving about it.  I’ve only heard excellent img_2491things about Butler so I’m going to give Lilith’s Brood a good try this year.  That might be my only real announced reading goal for 2016. 🙂

“Lilith Iyapo is in the Andes, mourning the death of her family, when war destroys Earth. Centuries later, she is resurrected — by miraculously powerful unearthly beings, the Oankali. Driven by an irresistible need to heal others, the Oankali are rescuing our dying planet by merging genetically with mankind. But Lilith and all humanity must now share the world with uncanny, unimaginably alien creatures: their own children. This is their story…”(Lilith’s Brood, back cover)

Octavia E. Butler was born in 1947 and died at the early age of 58 in 2006.  She was an African-American sic-fi/Fantasy writer that received the Nebula and Hugo Awards several octaviabutlertimes.  Kindred and Fledgling are her only two standalone novels, however she is most know for the Patternist series, the Xenogenesis series, and the Parable series which is also referred to as the Earthseed.  She’s also written essays, speeches and two short story collections.  Butler’s speculative fiction held important themes of community, race, hierarchies in society, feminism, and afrofuturism.  She has long been regarded a must for those looking for Fantasy/Sci-fi with challenging twists and non-stereotypical storylines.

My copy:  Lilith’s Brood Xenogenesis #1-3 series, paperback 746 pages

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7 Replies to “#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 12 – Favorite Fantasy/Sci-fi”

  1. One of my goals this is is to read more of Butler’s work. I am huge sci-fi/fantasy fan, and I’m starving for stories with people of color as leads. I think I’ll start with the Parable/Earthseed series.

  2. Everyone I know who has read Kindred enjoyed it so I feel like the odd one out because I didn’t like it much. Time travel always confuses me. I love fantasy but I don’t always get along well with sci-fi. I’d like to try Lilith’s Brood, though, to try another of her work.

  3. Tananarive Due’s trilogy about the Immortals. It starts with “My Soul To Keep”. If you read it, I bet you won’t stop there. So good!

    1. Well thanks for the sci-fi rec. That’s a genre I never pick up. I seem to enjoy watching sci-fi movies but I find sci-fi books too much for me to process. I’ve read Kindred but don’t really consider that fully sic-fi. Loved it though. I’ll keep this title in mind when I finally get to reading Tananarive Due.

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