#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 11 -Book Over 500 Pages

Bookish Stuff / Thursday, February 11th, 2016

img_2488Day 11Book Over 500 Pages  I’ve chosen Mosquito by Gayl Jones from the few books I own over 500 pages.  It’s actually 616 pages.  Last year I read Corregidora and loved it’s story, style, and feminist message.  Hoping that Mosquito is just as good….

“Sojourner Nadine Jane Johnson, also known as Mosquito, is an African-American truck driver. Set in a south Texas border town, “Mosquito” is the story of her accidental and yet growing involvement in “the new underground railroad, ” a sanctuary movement for Mexican immigrants. Mosquito’s journey begins when she discovers Maria, a stowaway who nearly gives birth in the back of the truck; Maria will eventually name her baby Journal, a misspelled tribute to her unwitting benefactor Sojourner. Along the road, Mosquito introduces us to Delgadina, a Chicana bartender who fries cactus, writes haunting stories, and studies to become a detective – one of the most original and appealing characters in all of Jones’ fiction. We also meet Monkey Bread, a childhood pal who is, improbably, assistant to a blonde star in Hollywood, where Mosquito pays her a memorable visit. As her understanding of the immigrants’ need to forge new lives and identities deepens, so too does Mosquito’s romance with Ray, a gentle revolutionary, philosopher, and, perhaps, a priest.”(Mosquito, inside flap)

My copy: Mosquito, hardcover 616 pages

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  1. “Ida: A Sword Among Lions” by Paula J. Giddings 659p. (not counting notes, bibliography & index) paperback.
    A definitive biography of Ida B. Wells. Such an important person in our history. The work, detail, research and love that went into this book makes it prize worthy. I think the only reason Ms. Giddings was not recognized for this outstanding work is because of the discomfort and idol busting details (all of which she documents) regarding the subject matter Ms. Wells dedicated her life to.

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