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Bookish Stuff / Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

I’m an affiliate for The Book Depository. It would be much appreciated to click the link below if you’re interested in picking up any of my recommendations. It will help fund my incessant book buying.

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  1. Some big chunksters in there Didi. I read Labyrinthe years ago and then went to visit Carcassone as it had created such an impression in my mind – I was almost disappointed that Carcassone had moved out of the 12th century, as I could see it so well in the book. The book is good, but definitely a summer read.

    Ladder of Years was the Anne Tyler novel I read after reading A Spool of Thread. I asked for recommendations of her best work and someone recommended that one and it was a good, easy read, really liked it, quite fast paced too.

    I haven’t read any other Annie Proulx since The Shipping News either, look forward to how you find them.

    I was given The Historian a few years back and really liked it, quite gripping and mysterious, another summer read 🙂

    I see you are reading Out Stealing Horses, by Per Peterson I read that when it was a bit of word of mouth sensation and though I liked it, I wasn’t blown away by it, I have since read another of his books, that I thought was brilliant, much quieter and more introspective, but brilliant IMHO, its called I Curse The River of Time.

    1. I’ve visited Carcassonne twice – my honeymoon 20+ years ago and the second time with my family on summer holiday 5 years ago when I Tore my Achilles tendon.? so might have to keep that for September. Don’t want to bring up any bad memories. Interesting you said The Historian was a summer read. I just might try it then. Anne Tyler I’ve only read digging to America, which I enjoyed. I also have A Spool of Blue Thread and Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant which I’m more excited about reading.Proulx is not so talked about these days but I would definitely like to pick up something else by her since the darkness of The Shipping News is so vivid in my mind. I’d just like to see what else she’s written. Thanks for your input. I can now place some of these correctly on my tentative yearly TBR. Wishing all the best this year to you and your family and loads of meaningful reading too!???

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