July-August Wrap up 2015!

Reading Wrap ups / Friday, September 4th, 2015

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  1. Interested to hear how you’re getting on with the seven killings, I’m up in the Chinese foothills with Edmund DeWaal’s The White Road but looking forward to the debut novel by Okparanta Chinelo Under the Udala Trees.

    I don’t have any of the Booker longlisters to read, but did read Anne Tyler a while back, the first of hers I’ve read, which was ok, but not really alluring for me.

    Daughter sounds like a must read book and author.

    1. Ahh DeWaal! I read The Hare with the Amber eyes 2 years ago. Still haven’t picked up A Spool of Blue Thread, but haven’t heard much of anything glowing about it. I heard she was nominated because she’s at the end of her writing career. I’m thoroughly enjoying A Brief History and hope James wins. I’ve been reading it in big chunks. I’was busy with work,then had a friend here from the States for 8 days and then I fell ill with a cold that won’t go away. Still have it. Daughter is a must read. Beautiful writing and a story where the main character actually evolves. Refreshing….

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