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15 Replies to “Corregidora”

  1. Loved it so much that i ordered Eva’s Man on the spot, even if it still waiting on my shelves. I hated her husband for what he did and as the story went i just happened to forgive him realizing how much he meant to her and theirs sure was a genuine love somehow. Given her family background, i assumed that it was hard for her to trust any men no matter how good he could ever be. But can’t we consider her husband’s action as a sign that things had to stop ? maybe it was good foe Corregidora blood not to keep spreading for some more generation…their history is heavy to bear, one has to be very strong to face a lineage and an heritage built in rape and inceste. I really loved it can’t really tell why, maybe it was the story telling, or the revelation of a shameful past that is not so old but yet so unbelievable. Or simply the strength of the main character…it was definitely worth reading for me.

    1. I agree that one of the main reasons she can’t have a decent relationship with a man is because of her mother and grand-mother and their stories. I too have ordered Eva’s Man and can’t wait to get to it! Hope more people will get interested in Mrs. Gayl Jones because she is one hell of a writer.

    1. Thanks again Rowena! Tough review to do. This book is so full of ideas. I’d love to discuss it in detail. I can’t wait to get into her other books. Such a fabulous writer!

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