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Well it’s done! Finally finished Dan Brown’s new bestseller Inferno. I read this 463 page book in three days.  Yeah I know I’m on holiday, so I won’t brag too much about that.  I thought that reading this book in Italy would help me get into it even more. Well it did but not for […]

August 23, 2013

The Case of the Missing Servant

Book Reviews

I’m no expert when it comes to detective novels but when I read a good one I’m really happy about it and I just have to tell you guys about it.  The Case of the Missing Servant ignited some kind of desire to read more detective novels, especially of its kind.  What kind you may ask? Those that […]

August 16, 2013


Book Reviews, YA literature

Good looking.  Fine.  Cute. Hunky.  Sexy.  Hot.  The word sexy can best be defined as being sexually suggestive, stimulating, or appealing.  However equivocal the word, since it can be used to describe how one feels and how one is perceived, that is the main focal point of the Young Adult novel by Joyce Carol Oates. […]

August 11, 2013

One Crazy Summer

Book Reviews, YA literature

This summer I plunged into One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia.  Its attractive cover will definitely entice Middle Grade readers, as well as Young Adult readers to discover a crazy summer in Oakland, California in 1968.  The novel begins with Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern, threes sisters on their way to Oakland in pursuit of their […]

August 8, 2013

French Milk

Book Reviews

After reading Warpworld, the science-fiction novel that happily surprised me, I just couldn’t decide what to pick up next.  So after having a quick look over a few of my shelves, French Milk seemed to be calling my name.  French Milk was written by Lucy Knisley and published in 2007.  Earlier this year I read […]

August 1, 2013