The Fart That Saved Christmas

Book Reviews / Thursday, December 20th, 2012

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The Fart That Saved Christmas Book Summary:

The behind the scenes story of what really happened “The Night Before Christmas.”It’s Christmas Eve. The reindeer go on strike with a list of demands for Santa, the elves and Mrs. Claus. Santa gets “loaded” and threatens to cancel Christmas, fire the deer and divorce Mrs. Claus. But, just when all seems lost, Christmas is saved by a timely fart.
When Tribute Books asked me to review The Fart That Saved Christmas, I really didn’t know what to expect.  Farting and Christmas are two words that I have to as yet perceived as relating to each other.  When I saw a picture of Jacob Morningside who has a uncanning resemblance to Santa Claus, my curiosity was peaked and I immediately accepted.
I was happily surprised.  This 40-page graphic novel attempts to make you laugh about Christmas in a different way but in rhyme, borrowing a bit of inspiration from the famous Christmas poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  This will either put you off or win you over.  Honestly, it’s not for everyone.  Who would have thought some festive flatulence could save Christmas?  The reindeer are threatening to strike, mischievous elves up to mayhem, controlling Mama Claus with all of her rules, and worst of all an overeating Santa Claus with a penchant for the drink.  Not to mention, he’s getting fed up with the job.  It’s told in good fun and the illustrations drawn by Nadja Andrasev are the icing on the cake.  They are comical, colorful, and well drawn.  When I finished it, I suddenly started to imagine people I knew who would find this story humorous and a few names came to mind.  Mom if you’re reading this post, you should pick this one up for your boss.  I think he would get a kick out of it.  I know he would.  So, if you’re looking for an unorthodox Christmas present for someone who loves to laugh and won’t scoff at a little Christmas political incorrectness (Santa Claus & Co. are an institution), The Fart That Saved Christmas is it.
Jacob Morningside‘s Bio:   JacobMorningside

Born into a body inhabited by multiple muse personalities, I create stories by stretching the “normal” beyond the boundaries of the absurd.  The result is a worm-hole ride to the Far Side.  I love a good story — so, I wrote one.  Enjoy it with my wishes for a happy holiday season.

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Pages: 40 illustrated
Publisher: Publish Green
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  1. Didi, Thank you for your most extensive and festive review of my “offbeat” book. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and recommendations. Have a wonderful Christmas. Jacob

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