35. 10 Easy Steps to Go Natural Without Cutting Your Hair Off

Book Reviews / Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Natural hair has been a passion for me since I went natural three years ago.  I took the big leap by deciding to forgo the *”creamy crack” and to embrace my God-given locks no matter what they be.  In order to start this natural journey there are only two options:  big chop or transition.  Big chopping is just what it says.  It’s cutting off all the relaxed or chemically straightened hair, which leaves the new grow or natural hair.  What’s left is a twa or teeny-weeny afro in most cases and that was mine.  The second option is to transition, which is to gradually trim the hair as it grows until all the relaxed or chemically treated hair is gone.  Ladies usually try to transition for twelve or more months.  This takes time and patience and that’s what Nik Scott’s book 10 Easy Steps to Go Natural without Cutting Your Hair Off is about.  The handbook is separated into a preface, an appendix, and of course the ten crucial steps.  The appendix includes questions and answers, Scott’s transitioning hairstyles, tips on how to choose a hairstylist and on how to cut relaxed ends.  There is also some information about scab hair and about a hair and scalp elixir.

The best things going for this book are that Nik Scott has successfully transitioned and grown her natural hair healthy and long (check out her You Tube channel at LongHairDontCareLLC), the steps are ordered correctly, and lastly that she goes in-depth on the psychological aspects to going natural.  However, there are things that don’t work and one of the primary problems is the editing.  There are problems with missing words, incorrect words, and passages that need to be re-written.  I blame her publisher.  It was their job, not only, to make her book look polished but that it be well-written as well.  I also wish the book was longer because there were places where I wanted her to explain more details.  For example, she only gives one recipe of a transitioning hair & scalp elixir.  It would have interested me to see more of them.  I really enjoyed the pictures of Scott in the inspirational transitioning hairstyles, although I would have like to have seen more pictures and more explanation on cutting the relaxed ends.  All in all, this book is an introductory look into transitioning.  Scott really hits the nail on the head in the sections “Do you really want it?” and “The changes I’m going through”.  The psychology counts tremendously when going natural because confidence has to reign to get to the goal and unfortunately discouragement can come from the people you love the most.  She stresses assurance, determination, patience, and acceptance as key factors to attaining natural hair.  Moreover, these important factors can’t be and aren’t stressed enough.  Check it out as a preliminary sneak peek into transitioning, but you will certainly have to seek other sources of information for details.  Who knows maybe Nik Scott has another book in the works in the near future?

“Nik Scott is more than a natural hair blogger and YouTuber. She is a self-proclaimed ambassador for Christ, wife, mother, artist, dreamer and doer. As a freelance writer, promoting self-confidence within young girls and women has always been a passion for Nik. Because of her innate desire to help women, Nik founded the online Black hair resource Long Hair Don’t Care in 2008. Since then, Nik has been able to use social media like YouTube to build solid credibility as an online authority on hair, do-it-yourself projects, style and everything in between!  In 2012 Nik established LHDC-TV, a life & style social media network which allows her to further inspire, help, encourage and teach.”(back cover of 10 Easy Steps to go Natural without Cutting Your Hair Off!)

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12 Replies to “35. 10 Easy Steps to Go Natural Without Cutting Your Hair Off”

  1. I’ve gone natural a few times in when I was younger and just after I was bored of the microbraids I was wearing. It was just easier to chop off everything near the scalp. It did look great those times and I keep thinking now that I want to do it again. It would make exercising so much easier. Still mulling over it though. By the way, I love your hair!

    1. I know it’s not easy deciding to transition or to big chop. I think you should do what’s easiest for you. I enjoyed how easy it was to do my hair when it was short. Another good thing was that I had time to learn my hair and boy did I need it. Take your time with your decision and don’t jump into anything or let anyone push you into anything. Good luck and thanks for the compliment on my hair!!

    1. Thanks! It wasn’t easy in the beginning because my hair dried out so easily when it was in the twa stage. Now that it’s a lot longer I’ve managed to get the right amount of moisture using the LOC method. I wish I would have done this earlier. It would have saved me a lot of broken off ends.

  2. I hv a relaxed hair…Tinkin of going natural but dont Knw how to..should I go take it off? Should I keep braiding my hair?…n if I do,would it turn natural without losing wah I hv nw?I dont Knw wah to do
    I like dat hair????

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry that is a decision that you have to make for yourself. I transitioned for about 4 months (my hair was short at the time) and then cut off my relaxed ends. This allowed me to get to know my hair and to learn to care for it in its natural state. It’s been a very enjoyable experience. However if you’re not prepared to have short hair then you’ll have to transition which can be more work since you’ll be trying to blend your relaxed ends and your natural hair. If this is what you choose I suggest being gentle on your hair and not using too much heat. Maybe try using rollers or doing twist outs. You won’t know until you try what is best for your schedule and for the health of your hair. Good luck Patience! 🙂

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