Bookish Stuff / Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Yesterday we strolled along the quiet, breezy streets of Montolieu looking for a deal.  What kind you ask? A book deal.  Montolieu is a village in the south-west of France in the Aude department.  It’s known as the village of books.  It’s one bookshop after another.  Rare, manga, comic, dictionaries, historical, literary, classics……  There is one English bookshop but unfortunately it was closed.  In spite of that disappointment, we found some other shops that were selling English books along with French ones, but nothing interested me.  My husband and daughter got two deals though: 1. My daughter bought two mangas for 6€ and 2. My husband bought a Stephen King novel in French called Ça, which is It in English, for 2€ and it’s an enormous book.  I think it around 600 pages.  It just wasn’t my day for deals but I did enjoy visiting the shops and sucking up the atmosphere of this relaxing village.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Now I want to return to France for good. (maybe I should finish learning French first) LOL. Just looking at the picture of that book store is killing me. Montolieu sounds very pretty.

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