25. Fifty Shades of Grey

I got so sick of hearing about this book that I had to read it to see what all the hype was about.  It’s everywhere – You Tube, television shows, book reviews, etc  I’m living in France and Fifty Shades of Grey hasn’t come out here yet, but I’m sure when it does it will probably make just as much hoopla.  As always books that contain sex in small or large doses no matter what kind, in this case BDSM, always seems to make it to popularity.  Of course popularity leads to the New York Times bestseller list – combined print & e-book fiction and the paperback trade fiction and probably some others too.  Fifty Shades of Grey is number 1 and has been for 20 weeks, Fifty Shades Darker is number 2 and has been for 20 weeks, and Fifty Shades Freed is number 3 and has been for 19 weeks.

The book is said to be a love story and begins with Anastasia Steele taking her roommate’s place to interview mysterious, billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey for her college newspaper.  There is an immediate attraction between the two, an explosive “lust” at first sight.  Christian is extremely attractive, arrogant, controlling, and has a dark side.  He’s a dominant.  Anastasia however is 21 years old, naive, shy, and a virgin.  Together they explore and experience each other through Christian’s love of BDSM and the romance begins…

Now I’m not sure this book is for everyone and of course I’m talking about those of you over the age of 18.  There were things that annoyed me.  Firstly the writing wasn’t brilliant but I actually suspected that.  I don’t think I’ve ever read an erotic novel that was well written (not that I’ve read a lot of them). Suggest some below if you know any.  Another thing that bothered me were the constant repetition of the following words and phrases:  my inner goddess, eyeball rolling which everybody seemed to be doing in the book, Anastasia’s mother included and she was a minor character, he’s hot, he looks like a god, he’s so perfect, pants hanging off his hips, running fingers through his hair, biting her lip, I blushed/I blush/she blushes.  I had enough of those phrases because they were constantly repeated.  When Anastasia compares Christian to a god it reminded me a lot of Bella in Twilight, which apparently EL James read over and over and loved.  That’s what gave her the inspiration to finally put pen to paper.  There were also a few things that didn’t make sense to me.  For example I didn’t understand how Christian didn’t suspect that Anastasia was a virgin, since she was blushing all over the place and he hadn’t even touched her yet.  Not to mention, when he shows her his red room and how she doesn’t bolt for the door.  There are problems with realism although she seemed to do her research on the BDSM culture.  There’s a full list of  sex acts and toys to educate us all.

The good thing about this book is that it can play up to some people’s fantasies.  The sex is hot as Anastasia would say.  The story moves along and reads quite quickly and you do want to know how this unlikely duo will fair in the future.  For that you’ll have to read books two and tree.  The character analysis is a little minimal but the intensity of the relationship is well described.  The story takes place in Seattle which is not the sexiest city in the US but who knows with the success of the book it might get some attention.  I give this book 2 stars which means if you’re curious read it and if you could care less don’t.  It also depends on what you feel like reading.  In essence it’s a light fast read or even a beach read if you can avoid blushing in public. Oops I said that word again, as I roll my eyeballs…Arrghhh!  Otherwise don’t bother and wait for the movie.