2. Summer reading…..

Well summer is here and I’m sure you’re all reading a little bit of your humongous TBR pile.  If you’ve not started yet and are still looking for something different. Check out Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha Van Leer.  It’s a YA fantasy novel about a teenage girl who loves stories with happy endings.

Check out A Game of Thrones!!  I feel a little behind on this one because it seems as if everybody is so far ahead on this one.  It’s an epic fantasy series – seven books.  This is the first in the series and it’s a whopping 807 pages.  I’m definitely going to crack this big nut to see what everybody is raving about next month.  If you’ve read any of this series please write below and tell me what you think about it.  Does it bring you memories of Lord of the Rings?

Here are just some other books that you may want to read this summer, have already read, or are not interested at all in reading….

Ok I could go on and on…. There are so many good books at the moment that I’m not sure I’ll have enough time this summer to read everything I want to.  I’m going to give it a good try.  Tell me below what you’re reading this summer.  Happy reading…..